Friends of Hannah More

We are a small charity set up to support our community in central Bristol. We aim to involve everyone and provide varied wider opportunities, especially to people who are new to the area, those on low incomes, people who may be isolated or face multiple barriers. We support families connected to Hannah More Primary School, but many of our activities are also open to the wider community.

We raise funds primarily through applying for grants. Currently we have funding from Quartet, the Lottery, John James, Nisbet trust and several other sources. We also have excellent links with community groups, local businesses and companies in the area.

We have existed since 2007 and registered as a charity in 2021. 

Our email address is

The school we are linked to serves a wonderful mix of communities and has extensive involvement from parents and carers.  The current Headteacher, who joined the school in 2022, said of his first visit to the school: 'I knew that I wanted to work here because the sense of community was so strong'. We believe Friends of Hannah More is a big part of that! You can get more insight into the school by visiting their website: